AIM Registration Packages

3 Account
₦130KTechnoVerse Package
  • ₦504,000 Daily
  • ₦3,528,000 Weekly
  • ₦15,120,000 Monthly
  • ₦30,000 Direct Referral Bonus
15 Account
₦500KMegaVerse Package
  • ₦2,520,000 Daily
  • ₦17,640,000 Weekly
  • ₦75,600,000 Monthly
  • ₦100,000 Direct Referral Bonus

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Alliance in Motion Global Inc. (AIM Global) is an MLM-Network Marketing company in the Philippines, present in 14 countries and in aggressive global expansion.

It is the exclusive distributor worldwide of premium nutritional supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way – the number 1 food supplement/herbal manufacturer in the USA.

AIM Global is recently awarded as Best Company in the Network Marketing Industry by the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), an independent institution.

It’s Visionary President and CEO Dr. Ed Cabantog is likewise awarded as among Best of the Best leader in the Industry.

Fast Return on Investment (ROI):

Since AIM Global is your own business; the return on your initial investment that you
made can be earned back as quickly as you build your business.

Many income earning opportunities are available in AIM Global. If you sell your products, you earn immediate retail profits.

If you sponsor someone, you earn multiple bonuses. It is really in your hand how fast you want to make money with AIM Global.

We do not have a hidden quota in which members must meet up with or carry out in each month or weeks during the course of doing this business.

We also do not have a compulsory Auto-ship. Our compensation plan is the best in the world because it puts the distributor in the driving seat of his/her business – you decide what you want, where you want it and exactly how you want it done.

Yes. An individual can have up to 31 accounts with their names under the Alliance In Motion compensation plan condition.

However, this does not guarantee automatic success in the business. Success is guaranteed when you input the required efforts into your business.

Some Of Our Successful Marketing Distributors