Odjugo Solace – AIM Business Connector

Odjugo Solace

Business Coach

Hello dear, my name is Odjugo Solace; a Business Connector, Tech Savvy, & Comedian. I hail from Delta state, Nigeria.

I started this journey with Alliance in Motion Global after experiencing the magnitude of change it has done to people’s lives positively, and we have never regretted joining this great company.

I created this website in order to bring you into the light and to show you that there is indeed LIGHT at the end of the TUNNEL. AIM Global is the light that has been shining for over 12 years in Nigeria and over 18 years in other countries.

I would be happy and fulfilled if you take this step of eradicating poverty forever in your life and that of your family. Join the winning team of Alliance in Motion Global today by registering for any of the amazing Packages available. I hope you really do!

Message me on WhatsApp, if you have any concerns or questions.


Do unto others that which you will love them do to you.

Be greatful for the position you are today, your current level is another man’s prayer request.

Never give up on yourself, you never know that little more effort that you need to put in more for you to breakthrough to limelight.

Pray to God and never be proud, humility & simplicity is the key to remaining at the top for a long time.