Dashboard Overview, Binary System & Encashment Of AIM Global

Today, we would be looking at the Introduction to our DTC (Distributor’s Tracking Centre).

An example of the Username and Password is as follows.

Username: Mercedes2022

Password: 123456

This is the link to the DTC: https://dtc.aimglobalinc.com/ecp

Above is an example of How the DTC Opens using the link: https://dtc.aimglobalinc.com/ecp

Now, let’s get into the dashboard.

This is what the frontend looks like before you log in.

All you need to do on getting to this page is to input the Username and Password given to you and then click on the sign-in button.

We don’t have any business with the Register button, the administrator is the only one authorized to process Registrations.

So, all we need to do whenever you open the dashboard webpage is to log into your account by providing your username and password.

The image above is a screenshot from my personal account.

All Screenshot I will be using in this lecture and subsequent lectures will be taken from a Desktop Optimization.

For those who will access the DTC using Mobile phones, you will slightly have a different overview of the placements of the menu and structure of the Dashboard as optimized for your mobile device browser.

Everything you see on the Desktop View is the same as you will see on the mobile view.

The most important thing to note when you access the dashboard is your Account 1 User ID Number.

Example: User ID: NR752069

You need to remember or memorize your user ID Number for Account 1.

If you have multiple accounts like 3 Accounts, 7 Accounts, or 15 Accounts, you only need to memorize your account 1 User ID Number and you will get the rest.

Once you know the very first account ID Number, you are good to go.

From the above screenshot, looking towards the top right-hand side of this image you will see a Button written as View All User IDs.

When you click on that, a drop-down menu will appear displaying all your multiple accounts.

I will show that to us in a screenshot below.

I just clicked on the View All User IDs and it popped out all my Multiple Accounts.

This is how yours will appear if you have multiple accounts.

Well, yours might not appear with the figures you see in my Naira balance depending on how much you have in yours 😁

Then on the left-hand side of this screenshot, you can see all the account User IDs.

I cleaned off the rest ID numbers leaving the two initial letters, I did that because I am displaying my account dashboard publicly in a tutorial lecture. 😁

Another part you will see when you scroll through the DTC downwards is this area in this screenshot.

The Network Activity shows us the statistics of people that joined our network with the date and time they joined and how many accounts they joined with.

You also have a pretty cool Send Message button that allows you to send them a warm welcome greeting.

When you scroll a little more downward, depending on the device you are accessing the dashboard with, you will see this feature that’s docked on the page.

It states the account you are accessing with its User ID, in this screenshot, I cleaned off my account ID Number.

Then you see all the details as displayed in this screenshot.

Now, the Available Points (LEFT) and Available Points (RIGHT) will be different depending on your own network activity.

Now, what do Available Points (LEFT) and Available Points (RIGHT) Mean?

The Business runs on Binary.

When a new person joins you, the person is either placed on your left wing or on your right-wing in your genealogy.

When a new person joins you, that Registration is 700 Binary Point

This means that when a new person joins your left wing, 700 Binary Points will be added to your Available Point (LEFT), and when the person is placed on your right wing, 700 Binary Points will be added to your Available Point (RIGHT)

So for me to have 29,767.00 points on my LEFT wing, it means I have a lot of people right?

The answer is YES!

But how can we know how many people are exactly on that left wing?

Now, we will say 29,767.00 divided by 700 binary points = 42.5

Approximately 42 people because 5 isn’t up to 10 to make the 85 become 86.

So Practically, I have 42 people.

All these 42 people have their own left and right-wing each downwards.

It’s just like you and your husband or wife as parents to your children.

Then your Children have children and children’s children…

But remember, you being a man or woman is just 1 person out of your own parent’s children, now imagine what happens to 1 of your sibling’s generations too as a family downwards…

Now, with the 42 People I have on the left-hand side of one of my Accounts, can that make me money?

YES, if you directly sponsored the 42 people, you will be paid N20,000 x 42 = N840,000

But you don’t need to be the one that will sponsor all 42 persons.

You can decide to just sponsor 5 or 10 people, while the rest 10 people will be the ones to sponsor the remaining people.

Now, when you sponsor 10 people out of the 42 people, that is N20,000 x 42 = N840,000

Then will you be paid for the rest 75 people that you didn’t sponsor?

The answer is YES.


When you Sponsor a person, N20,000 goes to you.

When your team member down the line sponsors the person N20,000 doesn’t go to you but goes to the person because he or she is the sponsor.

What then comes to you?

The System says:

Anyone who sponsors a person on board will be paid N20,000 or more as the case may be depending on which of the Registration Account your Prospect signup’s with while when there is a person on the left and another person on the right side, you at above the areas where there is a new person will be paid N7,000.

A Practical Illustration Will Be Shown Below.

What comes to you is Called Matching Bonus which will then drop when a person joins on the right-hand side which is what you see here as Available Points (RIGHT)

The Matching Bonus is N7,000

This is You When You Check Your Genealogy

You have your left and Right-Wing.

Both are empty.

Below is a screenshot of what a live Genealogy looks like in your Dashboard.

The image above is the menu where you will find the Genealogy Button.

When you directly connect anyone to the business and the person joins, you will be paid N20,000 as Direct Connector Bonus.

NOTE: When the first person joins, we place that person on your left wing as displayed in the screenshot above.

When you directly connect the second person, we will place the person on your right wing as shown above.

You will then be paid N20,000 making a total of N40,000 for you connecting these 2 people.

After you had been paid the N40,000 which drops into your dashboard account instantly, watch what happens instantly again.

Remember I told you that one Registration is = 700 Binary Point

As shown above, what happens immediately is there is a new registration on your left, 700 binary points will be added to your Available Point on the Left while 700 binary points will be added to your Available point on the right since you now have one new person on the left and another new person on the right.

Immediately the 700 binary on the left pairs with the 700 binary on the right, and N7,000 will instantly be paid to you as Matching Bonus.

So you now have N40,000 + N7,000 = N47,000 for you for connecting 2 people directly in the business.

For Example, your first Success Line which is A on your LEFT has gotten its own two people just like you did as shown above.

Now, from the screenshot above, we can now see that your first 2 Success Lines A and B have gotten their own Success Lines each.

A got N47,000 just as you did when you got a and b.

B also got N47,000

I am sure you all know how A and B got their N47,000.

That’s through N20,000 x 2 = N40,000 and a Matching Bonus of N7,000

The question will now be: What will happen to me?

The system says: Once there is a new person on the left and a new person on the right, you will be paid N7,000

Now, let’s count together, how many people are under A: = 2 People.

How many people are under B: = 2 People.

So, A1 will pair with B1 and Pay you N7,000

A2 will pair with B2 and Pay you another N7,000

Making you earn N14,000 from A and B’s People.

The Question will now be again: Why was I not Paid N20,000?

The answer is that you were not the one who directly connected A1, A2, B1, B2

The people who directly connected them were paid N20,000 each on them.

This means you can actually directly connect unlimited people yourself if you want more money outside the N7,000 that comes as Direct Connector Bonus.

Now, this is a Scenario of what happens in Duplication for those who diligently follow the instructions of get your first 2 people and then let them duplicate after you and let their descendants replicate after their Antecedent.

This is an illustration.

Have you ever imagined how Churches Grow?

Have you ever imagined how Facebook Grew from 2004 to 2023 from 1 Man to having over 2.93 billion people? in 19 years?

All of these big examples I gave above functions with duplication in leveraging which means that they all started small and as individuals and over time, became as large as they ever expected.

All the systems want to see is a new person on your left wing and a new person on your right wing and you will instantly be paid N7,000 each time.

Don’t forget, you are not the only one that will be paid, everyone under you will be paid equally and that’s what I call Collective Residual Income.

All you need to do is to become the bridge, so many other great people will surely come out through you as long as the business is working and you are duplicating.

Remember, this business is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

It is not a Ponzi Scheme

It is not a Money Doubling Company

We create Millionaires in the business who are ready to make others Millionaires through them using this system and make the best out of their life by canceling Impoverishment from their selves and linage.

This is because when you have a system like this, you automatically have Health Freedom, Time Freedom & Financial Freedom.

Remember, you are not employed here, you have your time to do other businesses to even make more money.

You have an opportunity to access the world-class supplements and beverages that the company has as products.

You have Money to drive your dreams into reality.

Finally, the explanation Below Is Focused on Encashment (How To Get Your Money From AIM Global).

This is a Screenshot of one of my Account’s encashments.

Now, on the list of the encashment, I will use the third encashment as an example, which is the N300,822.59

I received a credit alert of N285,401.46 the next morning.

Now, let me break it down for you on how the remaining N15,421.13 was spent.

For every encashment you do, the Federal Government Of Nigeria collects a 5% tax on it.

FGN Tax: 5% of N300,822.59 = N15,041.13

Access Bank charged me N380 for this encashment.

Beginning in May 2022, Access Bank now charges us N600 on every encashment done.

Meaning even if you encash N1 Million Naira, FGN will collect a 5% tax on the 1 Million Naira

Then access bank will still charge the same N600 on the 1 Million Naira Encashment.

So let’s be aware that for every encashment, we pay N600 to access bank and then 5% tax to FGN.

Encashment can be done any time of the day from Sunday to Sunday.

Now, any Encashment Done On Sunday will drop On Monday

Encashment Done On Monday will drop On Tuesday

Encashment Done On Tuesday will drop On Wednesday

Encashment Done On Wednesday will drop On Thursday

Encashment Done On Thursday will drop On Friday

Encashment Done On Friday will drop On Saturday

Encashment Done On Saturday will drop On Sunday

Whenever you type in the amount to encash, please do not include a,

Example: Just as I have displayed above, I wanted to encash N500,000 and I then added, it into the text field.

Please always type it in this way: 500000 then type the Encash button.

This brings me to the end of this well-explanatory and self-understanding lecture.

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